oUR FARM HAS BEEN CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY MOFGA SINCE 2005. being certified organic is important to us because it lets our customers know that we care about the products we produce and that the land that these products are grown on has been cared for in a Healthy and sustainable manner. We are proud to be one of the few certified organic breweries in the country. With only a few certified organic breweries in the country, organic ingredients are also hard to come by. We hope that with more consumer awareness, organic breweries and the farms that grow these ingredients will grow. our search for organic ingredients starts at our farm and spreads from there. We have an abundance of certified fruit, herbs, nuts, and wild foraged ingredients to choose from. Throughout New England there has been a resurgence of local grain and hop farmers as well as artisanal malt houses that have helped supply the ever growing craft beer industry. We are lucky that we can support our neighbors and local communities who grow and nurture organic ingredients.